Minchen Wang's Academic Page

Minchen Wang

Graduate Student - Mascter of Science, Computer Science
Computer Science and Engineering
New York University, Tandon School of Engineering

πŸŽ“ Education

πŸ—οΈ Experience

πŸ’¬ Introduction

I'm a Master student major in Computer Science at New York University. I studied at Tsinghua University, School of Software and graduated in 2017, during which I felt great joy studying and working with so many smart people. I believe that it is our mission to make changes and impact, and I wish my insignificant and trivial work can help more people, and make this world different.

🧐 Academic Interest

My personal interest is in Web Development, Database Systems, and Web Search Engine. I have experience in web developement with ES6, React, Python, MySQL and web frameworks including Django and Flask. Last summer I worked at Amazon Devices SCM group at Beijing, during which I mainly used Python, Flask, and MySQL to develop internal tools and systems, since then I've gained knowledge and experience in web development & DevOps.

Recently, I'm currently working with my friends on an entrepreneurship project, which is a SaaS web application that can help PV practitioners to design, analyze and optimize the layout and profit of solar panels, and may hopefully be used in commercial. In this project I'm mainly in charge of a part of front-end works, and gave a few advices and practices in software engineering, and I plan to work on user system soon.

For academic experience, I'm the teaching assistant of Principles of Database Systems at NYU. During last semester, I've finished the course Web Search Engines, with projects including Python web crawler, C++ inverted index building and query execution which can be regarded as a simple web search engine system, and finished a final research project focusing on query suggestion of auto-completion & auto-correcting.

βš”οΈ Skills

Interested Fields

Web Development Relational Database Management System Web Search Engines Software Engineering DevOps

Programming Languages

Java Python C/C++ SQL JavaScript (ES6) HTML5 CSS3

Tools, Libraries & Frameworks

MySQL Linux Amazon Web Services DynamoDB Django Flask SQLAlchemy jQuery React.js Ant Design Semantic UI Bootstrap

Development Tools

Visual Studio Code PyCharm WebStorm SQLyog Git SourceTree Jira Confluence

Master's Courses

Design and Analysis of Algorithms Principles of Database Systems Interactive Computer Graphics Game Design Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Human Computer Interaction Web Search Engines Cloud Computing Information Visualization

(Part of) Undergraduate's Courses

Software Engineering Data Structure and Algorithms Web Front-End Technology Architecture of Computer and Network Computer System Software Functional Programming Java and Object-Oriented Programming Modeling and Verification of Software Systems

πŸ“š Projects

πŸ“— Professional Projects

Amazon, Software Dev Engineer Intern

πŸ“˜ Student Entrepreneur Project

Albedo, Front-End Developer

πŸ“™ Course Projects

πŸ† Award

πŸ’‘ Books Read & Reading

Professional JavaScript for Web CSS Mastery: Advanced Web Standards Solutions Site Reliability Engineering: How Google Runs Production Systems Introduction to Information Retrieval Introduction to Algorithms (CLRS) Algorithms (Robert Sedgewick, Kevin Wayne) Database System Concepts
(This part to be finished...)

😻 Hobby

I like games, especially single-player games, strategy games, story-rich games, and simulation & sandbox games, for example, Life is Strange, Cities: Skylines, the Sims, Stardew Valley, Assassin's Creed and Victoria 2, etc.

Anime lover... Big fan of Neon Genesis Evangelion and Violet Evergarden. Also love New Game!, Psycho-Pass, Fate/stay night, etc.

πŸ‘‹ Contact

me [AT] minchen.wang

And if you are a Chinese reader, you are welcomed to visit my blog, which records my life and new-learned skills:

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